How We Support

Glenholme supports adults with a range of mental health conditions, learning difficulties and problems with addiction. We operate in a variety of settings, residential, supported living and outreach. We work with those we support, their families, friends and professionals, to provide genuinely person centred support, support which promotes independence and which has the flexibility to respond to changing needs.

How We Support

Glenholme provides care along the pathway which enables us to respond to the way in which needs change.


Our residential homes provide a supportive and safe environment in which residents can thrive.

For over 25 years, we have been caring for people in residential services and our whole team has an innate understanding of what it takes to provide a good service which genuinely promotes independence. Our teams currently consist of a wide range of professionals including a management team, team leaders, therapists and support workers all of whom are committed to providing a high quality service.

In our homes all bedrooms are spacious and bright and have en-suite bathrooms. Communal areas are generous and well looked after with access to beautiful gardens. Our homes are always situated near to shops and public transport links so that residents are able to be involved in their local community.


Our supported living services enable adults with learning disabilities to live as independently as possible.

Bespoke care plans allow for truly flexible care which can be increased or decreased according to need. Service users play an active role in selecting the team they want to work with.

In our supported living schemes, service users have their own secure, well designed apartment. They also have access to a communal flat where they can interact with team members and other service users of if they want to. All our schemes are located close to shops and transport links so that those we support can be a part of their local community.


Our outreach services are for those with learning disabilities and or mental health conditions who are able to live fairly independently. Often individuals will have spent time in one of our residential services but have become ready for a greater degree of independence.

Once the decision has been made to move on, our out-reach team will use its network of local landlords and housing associations to help the tenant find a suitable property often close to the residential service. The team will also help with securing a tenancy.

Once the property is secured, the out-reach team will help the tenant move in and get settled and then start to provide 1:1 care as required.

More Information

To learn more about The Glenholme Healthcare or any of our individual businesses, please call us at 01753 869 777